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Holistic Coach

Personal Trainer. Educator. Writer.

Greg Brookes is a forward thinking and highly experienced health and fitness professional. Beginning in the fitness industry way back in 1992 he has helped everyone from amateur to professional, stay at home mum's to celebrities. Aside from his skills as a coach he is also very transparent with his knowledge and has dedicated the last 5 years to educating other fitness professionals. 

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Greg Brookes
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The Programs

Kettlebells. Bodyweight. Fat Loss.

Looking to take your training to the next level?

Greg has put together many programs over the years that use his holistic, movement pattern based system of exercise.

No matter what your current level of experience there is always something new to learn and master.

The Blog

Workouts. Research. Tutorials.

Keep up to date with the latest workouts and research on Greg's blog.  Watch the video tutorials of all the exercises and download 100's of different workouts.  

The Newsletter

Over 30,000 Global Subscribers.

Every week Greg educates everyone from fitness professional to fitness enthusiasts via his global newsletter. Discover all the latest trends as they happen and receive Greg's transparent info. Be inspired by his daily doses of motivation.